Creating a reaction Gif Unit 11

‘Make the perfect reaction gif and create a story that it fits around or perfectly describes. React to whatever to want with your gif!’

so making a reaction gif, i usually use reaction gifs in my every day conversations with people through social media to emphasis a point or to make a joke, I never really think about the effort to create a gif.

Ive made gifs before in the past but the style of gif I had in mind where I was to integrate it into part of a story was unheard of because most of my story telling.

With this task I first decided on a reasonable reaction gif, they usually come is 3 main varieties.One that describes what you would write or say exactly through text spoken by a character, this can be live action but cartoons make the best reaction gifs because movement is minimal and there is less data in the actual gif.E6exUna.gif

A hyperbole reaction to something said or written to over hype what is being said, this is usually from a tv, film or a home recording of something, usually play on negative emotions like; hate, fear disgust, expressing your dislike or just saying no.giphy (4).gif. And finally a very benign reaction gif of a simplistic action, this is usually based on a simple action to use as a reaction, or just of something interesting happening, usually when a conversation runs dry on content

.giphy (3).gif

My gif though is supposed to be the second catagory of reaction gif, using a hyperbole action, taken from the trailer for the new Logan film, expresses how something is ‘not okay’ while tugging on the little girls arm to pull her away. the inspireation came for this from watching the trailer itself and being a big fan couldnt resist.

the next step was to create a story, what better way to do this than to look at screengrabs of stupid people on facebook who dont know what they are doing or saying. I found this example of the ‘wall of K’s’ woman who is oblivious to the obvious KKK reference she has made in her home. this has been around for a long time so I decided to use it as my basis for my gif.

to show my gif I then imported the gif and image into photoshop and placed the gif as if it were a photocomment at the bottom of the comments section, however this screengrab was taken way before the advent of gif being available on facebook, so I had created a gif that was very modern with an old gag, emphasising the storytelling in the image.


Two movies-one trailer Unit 10

Get two movies that have a similar theme and create a mashup movie trailer out of it. Throughout the trailer, it has to show the theme of the story and it’s got to be creative! Have fun as well!

I have created a fusion of 2 film trailers that both came out in 2016, Lights Out and Before I Wake. Both films involve a small boy, that look so similar in fact they cant be told apart from the trailer, making some aspects of what I’ve created work seamlessly.

They both have themes of darkness, taking from our primal fear of being alone and not knowing what is in the dark.

This task was relatively easy as I had done something similar for an assignment as part of multimedia last year but I used different films in that so I already had the skill set to produce a trailer like this, it works best with horror trailer because they have the same editing and arts style making the two films easier to splice together.

when splicing and remixing it is important to appreciate what both the film makers where trying to achieve by working with material already given. for example, cutting when there is already a cut, cutting when a similar action happens to characters.

In all the trailers work well together although there isn’t much of a story to be seen even though it does follow as a trailer for a horror film that people would likely want to see anyway!

#SixSecondArt Unit 9

Six word stories, six word quotes, and six word poetry are all the rage. So why not six second art? Using any method of video, stop motion, or other visual medium, produce a six second video of you creating art. It could be digital art, physical art, or performance art, just create a six second video of you making it happen! Vine, Youtube, Vimeo, are all great places to host, although Vine happens to a great natural place for this type of work.

Since vine has shut down, I used youtube to broadcast my video although for this assignment it would be best to use vine because of their 6 second format.

I chose to make a video with art in it obviously, but more than that, i chose to produce art from what i had around me at the time, which was a lot of paper and scissors.

I was going to create the unicorn from blade runner because it is my favourite film but instead I decided to make a paper shuriken because it is easy and requires fewer step where as the unicorn would likely require a lot of concentration and would be highly time consuming as I couldn’t get it right when i first made a unicorn so i will likely not get it right if I did it again.

To produce this I obviously had to make the shuriken then at each step take a picture with 16 steps total, then aligning them in photoshop and importing them into premiere, then importing the images as a sequence and extending them to 6 seconds long, rendering out in avi and uploading to youtube.

Create an Inkle Story- Unit 8

My Inkle Story Here

Tell a story using the free Inklewriter program found here:
Inklewriter is perfectly designed for choose your own adventure-type stories. It offers numerous tools to create detailed interactive fiction narratives. It is similar in concept to the popular tool twine. Twine, however, is more focused on choice complexity and gaminess, whereas Inklewriter is more focused on storytelling. Look at the examples on the webpage and start writing a story!

I’m putting this as three stars because the difficulty really depends on the scope of the project. Very complex stories with numerous choices and plot holes can quickly spiral out of manageable workload here. Don’t overstretch your ambitions in terms of choice complexity unless you want to be writing for a good long while.

In this task I was supposed to be me creating a story on Inkle, I have already used the tool before to create some not very good, poorly written stories revolving around an adventure game, for a pathfinder game.

the story that i have created has the protagonist start off in some woods and then proceed to find a set of magical items and people along the way with an emphasis on a mockery of existing media and real world reactions to the players actions.

I use all the tools available to me to create my story, providing the reader with a story tree rather than an arc, where two stories can co exist depending on the players path. the ending all depends on a decision that the player makes earlier on in the story and this is all part of what social media is about. the illusion of a two way connection, the idea being that the reader assumes they can do anything and will still reach the goal, where as my story requires the reader to think about their actions and how that will effect the goal. social media is similar in that you assume that anyone and everyone will see and react to what you do, some of it matters and some does not and sometimes hundreds will see what you don’t want them to and visa versa.



Making a Mixtape unit 7

Mixtapes can come in different forms–sometimes a mixtape is just a collection of one’s favorite tracks, sometimes it is a collection of tracks put out by a sinlge artist. Sometimes they have small edits made to them, like a DJ saying their catchphrase.

Try creating a mixtape of your own. Mixtape is broadly defined in this case. It can just be a collection of songs with some theme (genre, etc.), or you can mess with the tracks. You can add a small touch here and there or edit the tracks to your heart’s content, adding outside sounds using tools from your favorite audio editing software.

My mixtape uses soundcloud as a basis for a mixtape of my music interests, I already had several mixtapes on the site, this included not synth music that was the key component to the mix tape that i have produced.

My mix tape that i have made through sound cloud is one containing mostly synth music under the label ‘Cyberpunk’ this is the broadest term I could find for my actual mixtape because of the eclectic range of synth, bass and electronic music in it.

I didn’t make edits to my music because I like the music as the artist intended, adding a catchphrase or remixing it i consider disrespectful, but only when it comes to music, all other forms of media I consider fair game. I have however tried to condense down all the music that I like on soundcloud into this one mixtape that pontificates my music interest.

soundcloud is interesting in that I usually use it to listen to synth music when i need to get work done, and a playlist like this was well overdue for me because there are lots of remixes posted by artists I like. On the subject of remixes, i do like some but only official ones done either by the artist themselves or a close friend of the original artist.

soundcloud itself again, has my music interests in mind, it is easy to find the music that interests you, independent artists can make posts and like and share music with each other, the option to buy and download tracks is give, and works as a streaming service.

It is effectively twitter with audio, creating playlists is a good way to share and express musical tastes without making music yourself. I myself tried my hand at music I liked using a similar playlist for inspiration.

the interaction on soundcloud is interesting because you can view comments made by people different points in a piece of music, because there is time involved in a piece of music this is an interesting dynamic, its also fun to see when the music gets good by the increase in comments on particular piece.

the web design of the actual site means that your music continues to play despite moving onto a different area of the site, this makes navigation onto your next playlist of song rather interesting and peaceful rather than having multiple windows with the same music open on each.

the use of tags makes it easy to condense down music of the same type, most of the music on my playlist was from existing artists that I liked but I also looked further a field in order to find music of the same genre if you could define music as having a genre anymore, with the blurred lines of what is which genre and constant fusion of style.



Create a bad guy business card unit 6

Apparently, street gangs in Chicago, like the Hell’s Devils, used to have calling cards. This makes me think that poor marketing gives evil-doers a bad image. Help some of them out by creating business cards for them. But not the Joker – that’s too obvious.

I was going to make a business card for the joker but obviously that is way too obvious like the brief describes. But i had recently rewatched the entire star wars franchise and was reminiscing about the hype for the film last year about the same time, I wanted to use darth vader but he is already over used in pop culture as a go to bad guy.

instead I used his great grandson Kylo Ren, He has an iconic helmet and had fast become very popular among fans as he is moody and relatable, not to mention being secretly good.

The actual card itself was easy to make, it was a simple matter of finding a stylized icon of kylo ren and super imposing it onto a light cream card with all the hyperbole language used on old style business cards.

making a mockery of the characters reception by fans where he was hyped up as some god like beast that would barely appear in the film rather than being some moody teenager that would throw temper mardies and destroy his own property.

going a bit deeper, adding a linen style filter across the entire piece in photoshop makes it seem a little bit more believable as a business card, i think maybe some damage would have really brought the piece together but it still achieves what it was set out to achieve.

this is also a sort of pun on the fact that to have a business card is a very bounty hunter thing to have and the whole point of kylo ren is to avoid using a bounty hunter, because bounty hunters are the lowest of scum in the starwars universe.

I think if I was better at drawing I would have drawn my own kylo ren business card and made it look really crap but that would be too far away from what the original example was like.

Crappy font logo unit 5

Fonts say much more than the text they display. Fonts are full of style and meaning.
Take a well know logo and remix it using a different font. The crappier the font, the better. Or maybe you think a different font might even improve the logo. Either way, change it and see if it truly does make a difference.
First I made a logo using a font that was very close to the actual font (Myriad pro) and adjusting the size to match, I didn’t even notice that the two ‘e’s in buzzfeed are lowercase when the rest of it is uppercase. It looks fairly crap even though i haven’t done much to try and replicate it badly!


Papyrus always looks bad, usually used as a joke like in the game undertale that uses just text makes it a good joke that such a terrible typeface would be used to describe a games text. but in professional industry, James Cameron decided that it was an appropriate font for the film avatar all be it well, though it will annoy graphic designers.


comic sans, of course I had to use comic sans to make the logo, comic sans was originally a mix of different dc and marvel comic book style typefaces that was easy to read. Its purpose was to link ready comics with pictures to transition into reading with just the words themselves. so that it retained its hand written look like would be experienced in the real world and yet be legible. for all its shorts commings as a font and childish look when looks when used professionally. studies have proven that it really helps with reading in people with learning difficulties and young children because of its uniform design.


Snap ITC, this is my wild card, i chose a random font from the plethora on photoshop, this one however reminds me of shitty 2000’s flash games on that one bootleg site that wasnt blocked by the school computer that was some pac man rip off that wasn’t labeled as a game but a web tool.