Research for Group Project

I looked into a variety of sources for inspiration I wanted to do either a project looking into the history of leicester or video of old and new.

I looked into shinli art’s half n half project ( ) that incorporated two pictures taken in the same context in different places at the same photographic angle and distance, it was an art project by a couple separated, one living in new york and the other living in seoul, then they create a single piece of art work incorporating both of their images to create a single composite image.


This related to what I wanted to do, perhaps through instagram using the layout companion app to produce side by side images.

I again took inspiration from look up leicester ( ) A charity that funds art projects in leicester that encourages young people to research into the architecture and photography of leicester.lulbanner980x300px.png

I chose to do something similar to this because it was something that i’m interested in, the skyline of leicester is very beautiful because of its deep history and culture.

Another source of inspiration was dear photograph ( that uses old photographs and then usually people try and reproduce the situation that the photographs were in when they were first taken.


I was thinking i could reproduce something similar to this, but doing further research showed it has already been done._50127051_dsc_0157


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