Creating a reaction Gif Unit 11

‘Make the perfect reaction gif and create a story that it fits around or perfectly describes. React to whatever to want with your gif!’

so making a reaction gif, i usually use reaction gifs in my every day conversations with people through social media to emphasis a point or to make a joke, I never really think about the effort to create a gif.

Ive made gifs before in the past but the style of gif I had in mind where I was to integrate it into part of a story was unheard of because most of my story telling.

With this task I first decided on a reasonable reaction gif, they usually come is 3 main varieties.One that describes what you would write or say exactly through text spoken by a character, this can be live action but cartoons make the best reaction gifs because movement is minimal and there is less data in the actual gif.E6exUna.gif

A hyperbole reaction to something said or written to over hype what is being said, this is usually from a tv, film or a home recording of something, usually play on negative emotions like; hate, fear disgust, expressing your dislike or just saying no.giphy (4).gif. And finally a very benign reaction gif of a simplistic action, this is usually based on a simple action to use as a reaction, or just of something interesting happening, usually when a conversation runs dry on content

.giphy (3).gif

My gif though is supposed to be the second catagory of reaction gif, using a hyperbole action, taken from the trailer for the new Logan film, expresses how something is ‘not okay’ while tugging on the little girls arm to pull her away. the inspireation came for this from watching the trailer itself and being a big fan couldnt resist.

the next step was to create a story, what better way to do this than to look at screengrabs of stupid people on facebook who dont know what they are doing or saying. I found this example of the ‘wall of K’s’ woman who is oblivious to the obvious KKK reference she has made in her home. this has been around for a long time so I decided to use it as my basis for my gif.

to show my gif I then imported the gif and image into photoshop and placed the gif as if it were a photocomment at the bottom of the comments section, however this screengrab was taken way before the advent of gif being available on facebook, so I had created a gif that was very modern with an old gag, emphasising the storytelling in the image.


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