Creating a atari 2600 gif unit 11
giphy (5).gif

Jim created the excellent Animate 2600 GIF assignment. Now it’s time to riff on it and remix & mashup classic 8-bit video games from the Atari 2600 era. Mashup two or more different games into the same animated GIF.

I always liked pacman, I found it fascinating that such a simple game could be so indulging and addictive, hence i found the atari 2600 version of pac man and made it into a gif.

the idea was supposed to be that I would make a gif of the pacman death animation and then have you imagine the death sound that we all know and love but unfortunately as you can probably see the atari 2600 is crap to say the least and only has 2 frames of animation for the death of pacman.

the way that the atari 2600 renders all 7 ghosts is interesting in that they are all therer but the game cycles between them a frame each to produce the full illusion of them all moving on pacman but again in gif from this is obvious and they just look like they are glitching across the screen.


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