Two movies-one trailer Unit 10

Get two movies that have a similar theme and create a mashup movie trailer out of it. Throughout the trailer, it has to show the theme of the story and it’s got to be creative! Have fun as well!

I have created a fusion of 2 film trailers that both came out in 2016, Lights Out and Before I Wake. Both films involve a small boy, that look so similar in fact they cant be told apart from the trailer, making some aspects of what I’ve created work seamlessly.

They both have themes of darkness, taking from our primal fear of being alone and not knowing what is in the dark.

This task was relatively easy as I had done something similar for an assignment as part of multimedia last year but I used different films in that so I already had the skill set to produce a trailer like this, it works best with horror trailer because they have the same editing and arts style making the two films easier to splice together.

when splicing and remixing it is important to appreciate what both the film makers where trying to achieve by working with material already given. for example, cutting when there is already a cut, cutting when a similar action happens to characters.

In all the trailers work well together although there isn’t much of a story to be seen even though it does follow as a trailer for a horror film that people would likely want to see anyway!


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