#SixSecondArt Unit 9


Six word stories, six word quotes, and six word poetry are all the rage. So why not six second art? Using any method of video, stop motion, or other visual medium, produce a six second video of you creating art. It could be digital art, physical art, or performance art, just create a six second video of you making it happen! Vine, Youtube, Vimeo, are all great places to host, although Vine happens to a great natural place for this type of work.

Since vine has shut down, I used youtube to broadcast my video although for this assignment it would be best to use vine because of their 6 second format.

I chose to make a video with art in it obviously, but more than that, i chose to produce art from what i had around me at the time, which was a lot of paper and scissors.

I was going to create the unicorn from blade runner because it is my favourite film but instead I decided to make a paper shuriken because it is easy and requires fewer step where as the unicorn would likely require a lot of concentration and would be highly time consuming as I couldn’t get it right when i first made a unicorn so i will likely not get it right if I did it again.

To produce this I obviously had to make the shuriken then at each step take a picture with 16 steps total, then aligning them in photoshop and importing them into premiere, then importing the images as a sequence and extending them to 6 seconds long, rendering out in avi and uploading to youtube.


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