Create an Inkle Story- Unit 8

My Inkle Story Here

Tell a story using the free Inklewriter program found here:
Inklewriter is perfectly designed for choose your own adventure-type stories. It offers numerous tools to create detailed interactive fiction narratives. It is similar in concept to the popular tool twine. Twine, however, is more focused on choice complexity and gaminess, whereas Inklewriter is more focused on storytelling. Look at the examples on the webpage and start writing a story!

I’m putting this as three stars because the difficulty really depends on the scope of the project. Very complex stories with numerous choices and plot holes can quickly spiral out of manageable workload here. Don’t overstretch your ambitions in terms of choice complexity unless you want to be writing for a good long while.

In this task I was supposed to be me creating a story on Inkle, I have already used the tool before to create some not very good, poorly written stories revolving around an adventure game, for a pathfinder game.

the story that i have created has the protagonist start off in some woods and then proceed to find a set of magical items and people along the way with an emphasis on a mockery of existing media and real world reactions to the players actions.

I use all the tools available to me to create my story, providing the reader with a story tree rather than an arc, where two stories can co exist depending on the players path. the ending all depends on a decision that the player makes earlier on in the story and this is all part of what social media is about. the illusion of a two way connection, the idea being that the reader assumes they can do anything and will still reach the goal, where as my story requires the reader to think about their actions and how that will effect the goal. social media is similar in that you assume that anyone and everyone will see and react to what you do, some of it matters and some does not and sometimes hundreds will see what you don’t want them to and visa versa.




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