Making a Mixtape unit 7

Mixtapes can come in different forms–sometimes a mixtape is just a collection of one’s favorite tracks, sometimes it is a collection of tracks put out by a sinlge artist. Sometimes they have small edits made to them, like a DJ saying their catchphrase.

Try creating a mixtape of your own. Mixtape is broadly defined in this case. It can just be a collection of songs with some theme (genre, etc.), or you can mess with the tracks. You can add a small touch here and there or edit the tracks to your heart’s content, adding outside sounds using tools from your favorite audio editing software.

My mixtape uses soundcloud as a basis for a mixtape of my music interests, I already had several mixtapes on the site, this included not synth music that was the key component to the mix tape that i have produced.

My mix tape that i have made through sound cloud is one containing mostly synth music under the label ‘Cyberpunk’ this is the broadest term I could find for my actual mixtape because of the eclectic range of synth, bass and electronic music in it.

I didn’t make edits to my music because I like the music as the artist intended, adding a catchphrase or remixing it i consider disrespectful, but only when it comes to music, all other forms of media I consider fair game. I have however tried to condense down all the music that I like on soundcloud into this one mixtape that pontificates my music interest.

soundcloud is interesting in that I usually use it to listen to synth music when i need to get work done, and a playlist like this was well overdue for me because there are lots of remixes posted by artists I like. On the subject of remixes, i do like some but only official ones done either by the artist themselves or a close friend of the original artist.

soundcloud itself again, has my music interests in mind, it is easy to find the music that interests you, independent artists can make posts and like and share music with each other, the option to buy and download tracks is give, and works as a streaming service.

It is effectively twitter with audio, creating playlists is a good way to share and express musical tastes without making music yourself. I myself tried my hand at music I liked using a similar playlist for inspiration.

the interaction on soundcloud is interesting because you can view comments made by people different points in a piece of music, because there is time involved in a piece of music this is an interesting dynamic, its also fun to see when the music gets good by the increase in comments on particular piece.

the web design of the actual site means that your music continues to play despite moving onto a different area of the site, this makes navigation onto your next playlist of song rather interesting and peaceful rather than having multiple windows with the same music open on each.

the use of tags makes it easy to condense down music of the same type, most of the music on my playlist was from existing artists that I liked but I also looked further a field in order to find music of the same genre if you could define music as having a genre anymore, with the blurred lines of what is which genre and constant fusion of style.




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