Create a bad guy business card unit 6

Apparently, street gangs in Chicago, like the Hell’s Devils, used to have calling cards. This makes me think that poor marketing gives evil-doers a bad image. Help some of them out by creating business cards for them. But not the Joker – that’s too obvious.

I was going to make a business card for the joker but obviously that is way too obvious like the brief describes. But i had recently rewatched the entire star wars franchise and was reminiscing about the hype for the film last year about the same time, I wanted to use darth vader but he is already over used in pop culture as a go to bad guy.

instead I used his great grandson Kylo Ren, He has an iconic helmet and had fast become very popular among fans as he is moody and relatable, not to mention being secretly good.

The actual card itself was easy to make, it was a simple matter of finding a stylized icon of kylo ren and super imposing it onto a light cream card with all the hyperbole language used on old style business cards.

making a mockery of the characters reception by fans where he was hyped up as some god like beast that would barely appear in the film rather than being some moody teenager that would throw temper mardies and destroy his own property.

going a bit deeper, adding a linen style filter across the entire piece in photoshop makes it seem a little bit more believable as a business card, i think maybe some damage would have really brought the piece together but it still achieves what it was set out to achieve.

this is also a sort of pun on the fact that to have a business card is a very bounty hunter thing to have and the whole point of kylo ren is to avoid using a bounty hunter, because bounty hunters are the lowest of scum in the starwars universe.

I think if I was better at drawing I would have drawn my own kylo ren business card and made it look really crap but that would be too far away from what the original example was like.


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