Crappy font logo unit 5

Fonts say much more than the text they display. Fonts are full of style and meaning.
Take a well know logo and remix it using a different font. The crappier the font, the better. Or maybe you think a different font might even improve the logo. Either way, change it and see if it truly does make a difference.
First I made a logo using a font that was very close to the actual font (Myriad pro) and adjusting the size to match, I didn’t even notice that the two ‘e’s in buzzfeed are lowercase when the rest of it is uppercase. It looks fairly crap even though i haven’t done much to try and replicate it badly!


Papyrus always looks bad, usually used as a joke like in the game undertale that uses just text makes it a good joke that such a terrible typeface would be used to describe a games text. but in professional industry, James Cameron decided that it was an appropriate font for the film avatar all be it well, though it will annoy graphic designers.


comic sans, of course I had to use comic sans to make the logo, comic sans was originally a mix of different dc and marvel comic book style typefaces that was easy to read. Its purpose was to link ready comics with pictures to transition into reading with just the words themselves. so that it retained its hand written look like would be experienced in the real world and yet be legible. for all its shorts commings as a font and childish look when looks when used professionally. studies have proven that it really helps with reading in people with learning difficulties and young children because of its uniform design.


Snap ITC, this is my wild card, i chose a random font from the plethora on photoshop, this one however reminds me of shitty 2000’s flash games on that one bootleg site that wasnt blocked by the school computer that was some pac man rip off that wasn’t labeled as a game but a web tool.



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